Resource scarcity, environmental destruction and climate change are the most obvious disadvantages of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. Moreover, fossil fuels and nuclear power plants cause extreme dependencies and discomfort for those who, due to spatial proximity, are affected by the extraction or production. An ecological and socially just energy supply can only be ensured by using renewable energy.

Why should you rely on solar power

  • The sun will be shining for more than 4 billion years to come - providing free solar energy
  • The amount of solar energy, which arrives on Earth exceeds the daily needs three thousand fold
  • The sun does not produce CO₂ thus protecting the environment in two different ways
  • Using a solar system makes you independent from the continuously increasing energy costs
  • Solar energy is independent of power grids and fuels
  • Solar power is the only energy, which can globally be produced decentralized
  • By eliminating long transportation routes energy loss is minimized and considerable expenses are saved
  • Solar energy is safe