Generating solar power is worthwhile. The more energy you consume yourself, the more lucrative it is for you. Generating your own power is independent of government subsidies.
This results in further advantages and a larger scope for design.
This way you can secure the price of electricity to a large extent for the amortization period of your PV system, thus saving mark-ups and cost allocations.

Subsequently, you generate electricity for the next 10-20 years at almost no charge.
Become independent and be part of an intelligent energy transition. We will show you how.

Your benefits:

  • You can already secure the price advantage on the share of own consumption compared to PSC power
  • You are already setting the price of electricity for the next 30 years to come, avoiding price increase
  • The avoided electricity price increase due to private use boosts your earning disproportionately by a factor of 3-7 (depending on level of self-consumption)