Upside Group relies on a team of experts, who ensure sustainable investments by means of quality and customer orientation. We conceptualize and realize customized solutions, which correspond to the needs and wishes of our customers. Because unlike the manufacturers, we do not have to sell what we produce, but can deliver exactly what the customer needs.

Our success factors during the realization of projects:

  • Quality and reliability are paramount
  • Our main focus lies on customer benefit and maximum return
  • The management team consists exclusively of managers with years of experience in the energy sector and bank-financed projects
  • The Upside Group management invests itself and is personally liable when it comes to the realized projects
  • All system components are purchased directly from the manufacturer and Upside Group thus guarantees an optimum system configuration in terms of cost effectiveness
  • All projects are subject to strict affordability and quality standards
  • Our business partners are continually evaluated and qualified based on standardized TQM checks