Upside Group is one of the largest operators of Electrical Energy Storage (EES) providing primary control reserve in Europe. Our technical units are prequalified and are marketed through the Internet platform of the TSO for the allocation of control power ( on a weekly basis.


The traditional electricity sector only recognizes the three elements of supply, transmission and demand. In order for this system to work the supply always has to be adjusted to fit the varying demand. The energy transition has this concept stretched to its limit, as the supply made up of fluctuating energy sources can hardly be matched with the demand. This paradigm shift can be managed by buffering electricity and this way energy storage will establish itself as the fourth power within the electricity market. The challenge is not (yet) to store energy for long periods of time. First, the short-term compensation has to work in order to keep the power supply system stable. The goal is to reach frequency and voltage stabilization either within the electricity balancing market of large power supply systems or in combination with renewable energy sources for isolated networks.

Electrochemical energy storage is suitable for this, as it already facilitates the short-term intermediate storage of electricity in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

Upside Group has recognized this trend and operates its own established and acquired energy storage systems in the balancing energy market as well as the utilization in hybrid solutions with solar and wind power plants.