Our behaviour is essentially characterized by integrity. We comply with the law, conduct fair competition and are reliable partners. 

Ensuring this integrity in the long term is one of our top priorities. To this end, an group-wide whistleblower system has been integrated, in which violations of legal requirements and internal regulations can be reported to an Ombudsman. 

This is intended both to raise awareness of compliance issues and to protect the Upside Group, its executive bodies and employees from financial and reputational damage.

The Upside Group has appointed Dr. Johannes Dilling as external Compliance Ombudsman. The lawyer will accept information from all employees of the Upside Group or third parties, which may give rise to suspicion of criminal offences or other violations of laws and regulations (including internal violations). This does not incur any costs for the whistleblower.

The whistleblower may request the ombudsman not to disclose to the company his identity or data from which the identity of the whistleblower could be determined. As an ombudsman, he is obliged to secrecy if the whistleblower so wishes. The whistleblower can therefore remain anonymous if he so wishes.

As a precaution, it is pointed out that the contact with the Ombudsman does not create a lawyer-client relationship between the whistleblower and the Ombudsman. 

Our Compliance Ombudsman, attorney Dr. Dilling, can be contacted at any time by telephone (365 days a year, 24/7) at the telephone number given below. In addition, information can also be transmitted in writing or by e-mail, if desired also with SSL encryption


Ombudsmann of Upside Group

Attorney Dr. Johannes Dilling
Hohenstaufenring 29-37
50674 Köln
E-Mail: upsideombudsmann@ra-dilling.de
Website: www.ra-dilling.de
Phone: +49 163 347 6111